Gregg Popovich stands up for charity: 'We're rich as hell, and we don't need it all'

Anyone who has a problem with professional athletes or coaches making millions of dollars should probably talk to Gregg Popovich.

The longtime San Antonio Spurs coach said this week that he's more about giving money than making it. And his reasoning for prioritizing charitable contributions, as ESPN reported, is simple.

"Because we're rich as hell, and we don't need it all, and other people need it," Popovich told Michael C. Wright.

The five-time NBA champion, Wright reported, is currently working to raise money for J/P HRO, a disaster relief program. And he's long advocated for contributions to "nonprofits such as the San Antonio Food Bank and Shoes That Fit, with which he partnered in October to deliver shoes to more than 200 students at Gates Elementary, as well as the Innocence Project -- an organization that works to exonerate wrongly convicted citizens.

Popovich, who has coached the Spurs since 1996, makes something in the range of $11 million annually, ESPN reported in 2015. But that kind of yearly haul is exactly why, as Wright reported, Popovich is so vocal about giving money away.

This isn't the first time the 68-year-old coach has chimed in on weighty societal issues, of course. Popovich used the Spurs' media day in September to open up on the United States' political climate, peaceful protests across professional sports and racial insensitivity -- "We still have no clue what it means to be born white," he said. Subsequently, some political experts even discussed the possibility of Popovich himself entering the political arena as a presidential candidate.

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