Grizzlies coach Nick Van Exel just discovered iced coffee is a thing, and he won't let it go

Nick Van Exel is 47 years old, but it apparently took the former NBA All-Star until this week to discover that iced coffee is a thing.

And now he won't stop talking about it.

The former Los Angeles Lakers guard, who spent 13 years in the NBA and currently serves as an assistant coach with the Memphis Grizzlies, kicked off a running thread of tweets about his experiences on Sunday.

After just one try, Van Exel declared iced coffee his "new drink." And from there, things only escalated.

On the same day as he had his first sips of iced coffee, the former All-Star and All-Rookie honoree asked his Twitter followers for specific recommendations, including whether to down a Nitro, the cold drink infused with actual nitrogen. (Another discovery!)

One day later, Van Exel was so excited about his morning iced coffee -- now an apparent staple of his breakfast -- that he tweeted in anticipation the night before.

On Wednesday, the Wisconsin native fired off his fourth iced coffee tweet in four days, promising himself a trip to McDonald's for his next drink -- then, just a few hours later, posted an actual video of himself slurping one from Sonic, complete with an announcement that he's disappointed in the friends, family and followers who didn't put him on iced coffee sooner.

Hard-hitting stuff, right? Be sure to follow @vanexel31 for additional iced coffee opinions and the inevitable future unveiling of his partnership with Starbucks.

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