Guy Fieri believes he influenced Kevin Durant's decision to join Warriors

The Golden State Warriors put on a full court press in the pursuit of Kevin Durant. With Draymond Green doing the bulk of the work, several of the Warriors players kept in constant communication with Durant throughout the year and their persistence eventually paid off. But apparently it wasn't just the Warriors, who were trying to get Durant to come to Golden State.

According to celebrity chef and larger-than-life personality Guy Fieri, he himself may have had a hand in Durant signing with Golden State. From Fieri's interview with First We Feast:

Fieri: I never ... well, I shouldn't say I never thought it would happen. I remember telling his agent during the Playoffs, "I know he's coming up, you've gotta get him to Golden State."

First We Feast: Wait a second--you predicted it would happen?

Fieri: You can ask his agent, I said it to him during the Playoffs. I even have the text. I said, "It's coming up, I want him, you gotta bring him." And he was laughing--yeah, yeah, yeah--and he blew me off. [Then later on] I was away from my cell phone, out on the boat, and I was able to get a signal. In came a note from my buddy: "KD GS," and I went arghhhhhh! I went and woke up the kids.

So was it Fieri who first planted the seeds in the Durant's agent mind that he should come to Golden State? Probably not. But Fieri should at the very least cook up some of his signature over-the-top dishes for Durant's agent as a show of appreciate for listening to his advice.

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