Hawks GM suggests LeBron James and his camp leaked rumor about Warriors meeting

Last week, an interesting report surfaced that said LeBron James would be willing to meet with the Golden State Warriors this summer if they had enough cap space to offer him a max salary. 

Of course, the rumor was mostly dismissed. LeBron himself called it "nonsense," while Kevin Durant shot down the rumor -- though he didn't totally dismiss the possibility. And because it would be highly unlikely the Warriors have that kind of cap space, most people have moved on from thinking too much of the possibility of LeBron joining the Dubs. 

One person who hasn't, however, is Atlanta Hawks GM Travis Schlenk -- who previously worked as assistant GM for the Warriors. Schlenk was on CBS Radio 92.9 The Game in Atlanta on Tuesday, and at one point was asked about the LeBron to Golden State rumor. 

Like everyone, he said he would be surprised if that happens. Most interestingly, though, was his suggestion that the rumor was leaked by LeBron and his camp. Via CBS Atlanta:

I would be really, really surprised if LeBron went to Golden State.

The one thing I will say about Mr. James: He is the master at using the media to get whatever story he wants out there. He's perfected the art of the social-media game. I think that those things were probably leaked by them, by Mr. James and his camp.

I don't see a universe where that happens.

It would be interesting to see. It would be interesting to see what he'd be like with the rest of those guys, with his playmaking ability and obviously with the shooting that Golden State has.

Schlenk probably isn't the first person to suggest that LeBron or his camp leaked the rumor, but he is the first GM of another team to say that publicly, which is pretty interesting. 

It's rare to see high-ranking front office members publicly discuss rumors involving other players, and where those reports may have come from. 

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