Heat remain odds-on favorites to win 2015 title after Finals loss

Despite a Spurs win, the Heat are the favorites for the 2015 title.  (USATSI)
Despite a Spurs win, the Heat are the favorites for the 2015 title. (USATSI)

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Despite being dominated in the NBA Finals by the San Antonio Spurs , and despite all of their roster outside of Norris Cole , including LeBron James , Dwyane Wade , and Chris Bosh being up for free agency, the Miami Heat remain the favorites to win the 2015 title according to the early odds from online sportsbooks. 

Here are the early odds from three such books. 

2015 NBA Title odds
Team Sportsbook.com Bovada TheGreek.com
Miami Heat 3-to-1 7-to-2 7-to-2
San Antonio Spurs 15-to-2 6-to-1 6-to-1
Oklahoma City Thunder 8-to-1 6-to-1 8-to-1
Los Angeles Clippers 10-to-1 9-to-1 10-to-1
Indiana Pacers 15-to-1 14-to-1 12-to-1
Chicago Bulls 15-to-1 9-to-1 8-to-1
Houston Rockets 20-to-1 16-to-1 20-to-1
Golden State Warriors 30-to-1 25-to-1 20-to-1
Portand Portland Trail Blazers 32-to-1 25-to-1 20-to-1
Cleveland Cavaliers 35-to-1 25-to-1 35-to-1
Washington Wizards 35-to-1 33-to-1 30-to-1
Brooklyn Nets 50-to-1 33-to-1 50-to-1
New York Knicks 50-to-1 40-to-1 65-to-1
New Orleans Pelicans 50-to-1 50-to-1 50-to-1
Los Angeles Lakers 50-to-1 25-to-1 50-to-1
Dallas Mavericks 50-to-1 33-to-1 50-to-1
Memphis Grizzlies 50-to-1 40-to-1 50-to-1
Denver Nuggets 60-to-1 50-to-1 50-to-1
Toronto Raptors 60-to-1 40-to-1 50-to-1
Charlotte Hornets 75-to-1 75-to-1 60-to-1
Atlanta Hawks 75-to-1 75-to-1 75-to-1
Phoenix Suns 75-to-1 75-to-1 50-to-1
Boston Celtics 75-to-1 50-to-1 100-to-1
Minnesota Timberwolves 75-to-1 66-to-1 60-to-1
Detroit Pistons 125-to-1 66-to-1 100-to-1
Utah Jazz 125-to-1 150-to-1 150-to-1
Orlando Magic 125-to-1 150-to-1 150-to-1
Sacramento Kings 125-to1 150-to-1 125-to-1
Philadelphia 76ers 250-to-1 200-to-1 200-to-1
Milwaukee Bucks 300-to-1 200-to-1 300-to-1

Some notes: 

1. The Lakers, who have no one of value under contract except for a 35-year-old future-Hall-of-Famer coming off two major leg injuries, have the same odds as the Mavericks and Grizzlies, according to one book, and a better chance than the Raptors or Suns. That's the power of being LA. 

2. Boston doesn't come out as well, except for at Bovada. 

3. If you believe in this draft, now's a great time to get in on the ground floor of the Bucks and Sixers!

4. The Cavaliers are way too high on this list for all three sites, which you have to ascribe to either the LeBron possibility, the No. 1 pick factor, or, you know, Cleveland's long-standing luck when it comes to sports. 

5. The linesmakers do not believe in the Suns. Not at all. 

6. Look at Denver hanging around up there. 

7. The books continue to be strong for the Thunder and Bulls. Chicago, despite everything, still comes in with better odds than Indiana at two places, while OKC is solidly the third best team when it comes to what the odds say. 

8. Miami remains No. 1 and that has to tell you about the betting sentiment when it comes to LeBron James and where he'll be next season. And the Spurs continue to lurk there, never blinking, never wavering. Could this year be the year they finally repeat as champions? 

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