Heat star Dwyane Wade not ready make retirement decision yet: 'Let me worry about that later'

After the Heat were eliminated by the 76ers in five games, the question on everybody's mind was the future of Dwyane Wade.  The 36-year-old has hinted about retirement before and just finished his 15th season in the league. Wade retiring with his original team would be a near-picture-perfect ending a fantastic career.

Wade left the Heat in 2016 to play for his hometown Bulls. After one season in Chicago, he reached a buyout agreement with Chicago and teamed up with LeBron James in Cleveland. His heart, however, was still in Miami. When his tenure with Cavaliers didn't go well, the team gave him a chance to go back to where his career was made. He took it.

If he chose to end his career right now, after one final run with the Heat, nobody would criticize him. Wade says he isn't ready to talk about that right now. Via ESPN:

"That's not my focus," Wade said after the Heat's season-ending loss to the 76ers on Tuesday. "Fresh off this NBA season, my 15th year, I sit back and think about that. Then I dive and throw myself into my family. They're next on my bucket list, making sure I'm there for them. And when it comes to the basketball side of it, which is a long time away from now, then I'll think about that." 


"I love Philly, but ain't gonna be no breaking news here in Philly," Wade said lightheartedly. "I'm sorry. I appreciate [the concern], but let me worry about that later."  

Wade even tweeted out a video, telling everyone to stay tuned:

Over the span of 15 seasons, Wade has racked up three titles, one NBA Finals MVP, eight All-NBA appearances and 12 All-Star Game appearances. He is forever a legend in Miami. 

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