Houston Rockets waive Marcus Camby (torn plantar fascia)

Nobody really knows when Camby might be able to play again. (USATSI)
Nobody really knows when Marcus Camby might be able to play again. (USATSI)

Update 3:03 p.m.: The Rockets officially waived Camby Monday.

Original post: On the verge of turning 40 years old in March of next year, Marcus Camby still playing basketball is pretty impressive. The former Defensive Player of the Year has been around for 18 years in the NBA and was signed to the Houston Rockets this offseason to provide some depth and insurance for a team that signed Dwight Howard and Omer Asik the last two offseasons. However, it looks like Camby won't make it to the start of the regular season with the Rockets.

According to Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle, the Rockets will waive Camby due to a torn plantar fascia injury that is likely to require surgery. Considering Camby wasn't looking to play a prominent role with the team this season, it makes sense to free up the roster spot and check in with Camby later in the season before they have to finalize playoff eligibility on March 1.

As Royce Young mentioned on October 9 when we found out about the torn plantar fascia, this kind of injury could potentially impact the idea of trading away Omer Asik this season. Asik hasn't been crazy about the idea of backing up Dwight Howard and there are logistical concerns with playing the two of them together on offense. However, the Rockets are unlikely in any rush to deal Asik if the value coming back in the deal isn't optimal.

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