This may be a part of LeBron James' life he wants to put behind him. The Hummer (H2, specifically) that James drove in his senior year of high school has been put up for auction by Goldin Auctions, and will be sold to the highest bidder on Dec. 8. The 2003 Hummer will "definitely" sell for six figures, according to Goldin Auctions president Ken Goldin, via Darren Rovell.

That car brought a lot of controversy on James in high school when it was gifted to him by his mom, Gloria, for his 18th birthday. She had taken out a $50,000 loan, effectively circumventing OSHAA rules that prohibit gifts of greater value than $100. The Hummer was souped up, featuring televisions, a video game console and custom sound. Rovell says it's valued at about $18,000 now, but there's a lot of hidden value in a car like that.

James, of course, was later banned from St. Vincent-St. Mary for accepting throwback jerseys that exceeded the gift limit, but he appealed the ineligibility and had it overturned.

If nothing else, the car is a friendly reminder of how utterly and completely insane the hype around James in high school was. It was absurd, and we may never see it again around generational prospects. Even crazier in hindsight is that he's completely lived up to the billing in his career.

The car has been on sale before. According to Yahoo Sports you could have gotten the car on eBay in 2013 for $64,800. The price will definitely be a bit steeper now.