If you try to sneak pictures of Stephen Curry, Riley will expose you

Stephen Curry's young daughter Riley may seem all sweet and innocent but apparently looks can be deceiving. In actuality, she has a trained eye for surveillance and knows when people are snooping on her family.

Well, not exactly snooping, but when the Curry family is in public, Riley is keenly aware when people are trying to take pictures of them. She has gotten so good at it that she points out the people to her parents.

From a Wall Street Journal Magazine profile on Curry:

Here, sitting in his black Under Armour signature sweats at the Warriors' practice facility in Oakland, California, Curry blends in. Stepping outside, however, can provoke a fuss. It can mean strangers running up to Curry with iPhones, begging him to hop on FaceTime with other strangers. Curry's 4-year-old daughter, Riley--well-known from her adorable appearances at her dad's postgame press conferences--now does surveillance on family outings.

"Riley's at the point where she'll point out when people are trying to sneak pictures," Curry says.

Subtlety taking pictures takes some finesse but apparently even more so when Riley is around.

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