'I'm trying, Jennifer' meme comes full circle as C.J. McCollum helps lead Trail Blazers to Game 1 win

Coming into this regular season, the Blazers had a lot of question marks. Having been swept by the sixth-seeded Pelicans last year, it seemed like they just didn't have the team in place to do much in the current NBA landscape. Led by guards Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum, they stormed back to a No. 3 seed this year. This all happened after McCollum promised "Jennifer" that he was doing everything he could to help the Blazers win.

McCollum's response to Jennifer telling him to win a playoff game with the Blazers is now a legendary meme thanks to its humility. McCollum has always had a sense of humor about it.

The Blazers won Game 1 against the Thunder on Sunday 104-99. McCollum had 24 points while Lillard had 30, as the Blazers' backcourt continued to be the difference for the team. That can't change, with Jusuf Nurkic out for the postseason after suffering a horrific injury.

McCollum undoubtedly knows about the pressure, but reporters couldn't help but have a little fun after the Blazers' win on Sunday. When McCollum was asked if he has anything to say to "Jennifer," he laughed it off, saying "no man, I appreciate her, she's probably a nice young lady.

McCollum couldn't resist tweeting about her afterwards, however.

The Blazers haven't been to a conference finals since 2000, and they've won two series in the 2010s. They definitely have the talent to do it, but they need consistency out of their backcourt. That means McCollum will be a key component if they were to make a run, and they're already off to a better start this year than last year's disaster.

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