Indiana Pacers will wear short-sleeve jerseys in Orlando Summer League

The Pacers are going with the summer league version of the Warriors' sleeved jerseys. (USATSI,
The Pacers are going with the summer-league version of the Warriors' sleeved jerseys. (USATSI,

Remember the Golden State Warriors jerseys from earlier this season that had short sleeves? The league is going to expand that idea by having more teams in more games next season, potentially introducing a style of jersey that could eventually open itself up for more real estate to carry ads. You won't have to wait until the 2013-14 season, though, to see more jerseys with short sleeves.

The Indiana Pacers' summer-league team that will play in Orlando this month starting on Sunday will be wearing jerseys with short sleeves instead of their customary reversible jerseys that we typically see in summer-league games. Scott Agness of has the information

The Pacers will sport a new look in their summer-league games, which begin on Sunday in Orlando. They will experiment with Adidas’ adizero short sleeve NBA Uniform System.

Instead of the usual reversible practice jerseys with their names added to the back, the Pacers will be wearing white and black short-sleeve jerseys. Navy blue wasn’t available when teams were required to order.

There will be up to five teams in the NBA wearing this style of jersey next season for about a dozen games as Adidas continues to provide a new look on the court. According to Agness, the Pacers are not expected to be one of those teams but will try it out next week in Orlando. 

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