Isaiah Thomas crosses up Nikola Jokic so bad he smiles while doing it

Isaiah Thomas might have had a disappointing start to his season in Cleveland, but he's having a pretty great stretch with the Lakers. He's had multiple 20 point games, some highlight moments, and has started to look more like the Thomas from last season before his hip injury.

On Tuesday he had another great moment in the Lakers' revenge win over the Nuggets. Los Angeles and Denver have been feuding because of some trash talk from Jamal Murray. As a result, the stakes of this random March game were a little higher than usual. That might be the reason why Thomas reacted the way he did after he crossed up Nikola Jokic late in the game.

This is a great move. Nothing that hasn't been seen before, but still a highlight nonetheless. However, it's Thomas' reaction to the play that really sells it.

That is the face of a man who just knows he did something real nasty to his opponent and is impressed with himself by it. Jokic on the other hand is the face of someone who knows he's going to be on Thomas' career highlight reel for the rest of his life. 

The Lakers ended up winning 112-103, but Thomas' priceless reaction to his own crossover easily wins the night for best moment from this dramatic win.

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