Isaiah Thomas says Lakers win over Cavs wasn't a revenge game

There was a surprising lack of drama going into Isaiah Thomas' reunion with the Cavaliers. Considering everything that happened during his brief stint in Cleveland, there was almost an expectation of fireworks and drama. Instead, it was the exact opposite with everything being downplayed. At least off the court that is.

On the court, Thomas had the exact type of game he would want against a team that traded him. He scored 20 points and dished out nine assists while the Lakers cruised to victory. Most people would call it a revenge game. Except Thomas. He doesn't want to call it a revenge game. via

"I only played 15 games with the Cavs, so it wasn't like it was a revenge game," Thomas said. "I keep saying the world knows what I bring, so I don't got to play so good just to show them what they gave away. It's nothing like that. I have really close friends on that team, and those guys are great guys, they just made a business decision, and I'm trying to move on ... for the most part."  

It could be argued that Thomas is just downplaying the real drama that was at stake, but what he's saying is accurate. It's hard to seek out revenge against a team that he barely had time to get to know. Obviously he wasn't happy about being traded, but few players in the NBA find joy in that.

If there were any feuds between Thomas and the Cavs, they didn't show up Sunday. He even embraced LeBron James in a hug before the game.

In the end, there was no drama to be had. Thomas played a great game and the Cavs continued their up-and-down season. Thomas getting "revenge" ended up being an afterthought. 

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