Isaiah Thomas thinks it 'would be lovely' to play the Celtics on the way to NBA Finals

Isaiah Thomas has never been shy about former teams. He has that old school it's him against the world mentality and anybody that has ever doubted him is going to know about it. He wrote in the Players' Tribune about how he has always approached teams that gave up on him: He would prove them wrong.

Thomas spoke with with Sam Amick of USA Today and was asked about how he would feel about getting a revenge moment against the Celtics. Not in a single game or the regular season, but a playoff series where he can defeat the Celtics on his way to the NBA Finals.

"Oh, that would be lovely. That would be the story that God made, and it probably will work that way. It always does. It always works - I'm not going to say in my favor, but it seems to always work out no matter what the circumstance is. That would be a special moment. If they make it there, and we make it there, and then we clash, and then you never know what's going to happen. But I'll be ready for whatever happens."  

Thomas has never held back against former teams. He told Amick that he has cut off any communication with the Celtics because that's just the kind of player he is. If he's not on the team, that means he's against them. Especially so for those that had a chance to have him, but passed on the dynamic scoring guard.

The Cavaliers are struggling, but they're still the gatekeepers of the East. As great as the Celtics look now, it'll be a lot more important how they look in May during a playoff series. That's the end goal, and if Thomas has his way it will be his chance to show Boston it made a mistake. 

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