J.R. Smith fires back at Bradley Beal's comments: 'Win Game 7' or stay out of it

J.R. Smith has always been one of the more fun personalities in the NBA. He once said that taking open shots are boring, and his gunner playstyle is very enjoyable to watch. He's also not afraid to speak his mind if he feels the need to, and speak he did after the Cavaliers finished their 44-point destruction of the Celtics in Game 2.

After Game 1, Bradley Beal came out and said that Washington was a better matchup for the Cavs. He even suggested that Cleveland avoided Washington to create an easier road to the finals. Obviously Cleveland took exception to this, but nobody put their feelings out there quite as well as Smith did on Twitter.

There is no veiled shot here. Smith could have chosen to go the route of posting a vague subtweet of the Wizards, but he chose to go straight to the source and respond to someone else's tweet on the matter. He told Beal and the Wizards what everybody else was thinking -- win Game 7 and they don't have to be suggesting these insane what-if scenarios.

It's great that Beal feels confident enough in his team that they could have challenged Cleveland. That's how most NBA players should feel. However, like Smith said the Wizards had their chance to face the Cavs, and they failed to beat the team in front of them. A team that Cleveland is currently pounding into the ground. 

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