Going to college is a big adjustment for anyone. You have to take some difficult classes, choose a major, live away from home, meet deadlines, work in groups. It can be overwhelming. Former NBA player J.R. Smith decided to go back to school and is experiencing all the emotions, struggles and fun that comes with being a college student, even if he isn't the typical freshman.

And lucky for us, Smith is tweeting through it all.

The two-time NBA champion spent five years in high school and, after committing to play college basketball at North Carolina, he decided to instead declare for the 2004 NBA Draft.

Recently, now that his NBA days are behind him, Smith enrolled at North Carolina A&T to pursue a degree in liberal studies and is hoping to get a spot on the Aggies' golf team. The school received eligibility clearance from the NCAA, so he will be able to join the team.

The 35-year-old said that even though he's played on the biggest stages, "it's still as nerve-racking as shooting a free throw in front of 5,000 instead of making a 5-foot putt in front of three."

Smith is documenting his time in college on Twitter, giving everyone a great insight into what he is doing. Here are some of his best tweets so far:

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