J.R. Smith wanted to give President Obama his tattoo T-shirt during Cavs' WH visit

The Cleveland Cavaliers' visit to the White House on Thursday was one for the memory books.

Iman Shumpert learned that podiums could be moved, the President delivered a witty congratulatory speech and the Cavs got First Lady Michelle Obama to take part in the Mannequin Challenge. But the visit could've been even more unforgettable if J.R. Smith had given the President his tattoo T-shirt like he originally intended to do.

That's right, Smith wanted to give Obama one of his wild Fresh Brewed T-shirts, which is a representation of his tatted-up upper body.

From ESPN's Dave McMenamin:

Kevin Love said J.R. Smith originally planned to give President Barack Obama T-shirts depicting his tattoos when Love was presenting Obama with a Cavs jersey but the idea was nixed. "J.R had the Fresh Brewed Tees with the tattoos on it, so originally (LeBron James) had mentioned, 'Kev why don't you give him the jersey and Swish you hand him the shirts,'" Love said. "I never knew they weren't going to let Swish do the shirts. When I heard my name called and Bron was like, 'Kev go hand him the jersey.' I was like, 'What about Swish?' It was fun. I didn't know I was going to have to say a few words and go up there, but that was one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that I got. Got down there as quick as I could, handed him the jersey and made for a great photo op. It was a cool, organic moment."

Ah, so that's why Love hesitated a bit before giving the President his custom jersey.

Smith probably wanted to give the President a T-shirt, because Obama actually once implored Tyronn Lue to get the Cavs guard to put on a shirt. But looks like Smith and the Cavs had a last-second change of heart.

Which is kind of unfortunate because Obama, who also made fun of Smith's shirtless body during his speech, would've likely have loved receiving J.R.'s tattoo shirt. Chalk it up to an opportunity missed by Smith, but perhaps at some point in the future, the Cavs guard can give Obama the shirt. At least, we can only hope that happens.

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