It was a routine night in Portland for the Raptors in 2004. Another game, another night Vince Carter was hurt.

Carter, a former Toronto hero, was well on his way out of town after losing favor with the team and fans. He was constantly battling nagging injuries and seemed to be pretty apathetic to the idea of playing with the team.

It was the seventh game of the season for the Raptors and tensions already were boiling over. Toronto had a rookie head coach in Sam Mitchell, a guy known for discipline. As Jalen Rose details on Grantland, Carter was on the training table getting taped up when Mitchell walked in and nudged his superstar.

As Rose remembers, Mitchell said something along the lines of how Carter was always injuried and on the training table. Carter wasn't having it. There was a little push from Carter. A little push back from Mitchell, a former player in his own right. It slowly escalated to the point of Carter picking Mitchell up -- over his head -- and fireman carrying him all the way to the floor.

By the way Rose tells it, it's something UFC president Dana White would be proud of. Mitchell was unhurt and the altercation ended right there. Rose said their "relationship was never the same." Carter was traded to the Nets just a few weeks later.

As for the game? Carter went out and went 2-for-9 from the floor in 22 minutes for just four points. And the Raptors lost by three.