Jamal Crawford says Lonzo Ball will be a star -- and doesn't need to change his shot

Jamal Crawford is one of the greatest scorers ever along with some amazing handles to go with his scoring touch. So when someone like him has an opinion on a rookie like Lonzo Ball it's definitely worth listening to what he has to say.

The CBS Sports Flagrant Two Podcast had Crawford on to talk with Reid Forgrave about Ball as well as what it's like to play for Tom Thibodeau, and the Timberwolves defense. What Crawford had to say about Ball in particular was interesting. Not only does he believe the rookie point guard is going to be a star, but he thinks he can do it without changing his shot form.

"Star. Absolutely a star. I love watching him play. He plays the right way. He doesn't play for stats. He'll give the ball up early when he could easily hold it to get an assist. He's making the right play if it was a hockey assist he'd get 20 a game cause he's always passing up early. He seems like a great teammate. If you look at all his interviews...he's always well spoken he's always about the team."


"No, I wouldn't (change his shot). He's done it his whole life. Even if he struggled, I'm sure he's struggled, but when he makes 10 in a row you won't change it then so I'd just keep it consistent."

Ball is definitely struggling early on, but there's a method to the madness of letting a struggling shooter work through it. If Ball's motion has been a certain way his whole life then, like Crawford says, it might not be worth changing it. Especially in the middle of the season. 

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