James Harden says he's 'for sure' a top-10 player

The person caught in the middle of Dwyane Wade and Kevin Durant's Twitter spat has spoken.

James Harden thinks Durant is the right one. 

“For sure,” Harden said, when asked by CSN Houston if he feels he's a top-10 NBA player. “For sure. Last year I got a chance to prove it, I kind of broke out of the shell a little bit. Even though it was my first year [as a starter], I’ve got a lot more to prove. I’ve kind of always been the underdog, always been looked over, so it’s nothing new.

"That’s how KD feels,” Harden continued. “We’ve been teammates [on the Thunder] for a couple of years now. Obviously, I was coming off the bench, which was my decision, I didn’t get as much credit or whatnot as much as everyone else, or every other shooting guard in the league. Now, I’m in kind of my own situation, I’m starting to get my own recognition. That’s how KD felt. He felt that way."

New teammate Dwight Howard agreed: "No doubt,” Howard told CSN Houston. “I think he has the ability to be one of the best shooting guards to ever play the game. He has a lot of talent. He works very hard, and he’s young. He just turned 24 years old. The potential for him is through the roof. I believe in him, me and him can do some special things together."

To recap the beef: Durant was asked in a recent interview about his thoughts on SI.com's top 10 players list and said he'd remove Wade and insert Harden in his own personal rankings. Wade responded with an Instagram message, to which Durant then responded in a tweet. 

At a charity event Thursday, Wade was asked about his feelings on Durant's response and said he was done talking about it. 

"Everyone has their opinion,” Wade said, via the Sun-Sentinel. "We're in the age now where everyone uses their opinion. That was it. He [Durant] had an opinion. I had a response and there you have it."

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