James Harden swiftly claps back at a fan who complained about free throws

Hecklers beware: If you chirp at James Harden, he may quickly put you in your place. 

That was the lesson learned for one fan sitting courtside at Tuesday's Rockets-Spurs game in San Antonio. During the first quarter, Harden was sent to the line after being fouled and the fan in question decided to take the opportunity to heckle Harden for the frequency in which he gets to the charity stripe. 

"Nobody wants to see a free throw shooting contest!" the fan yelled from the sideline. 

While plenty of chirps go unnoticed or unanswered, Harden caught this one and had a very quick response at the ready. It's almost like he may have heard it before. 

The Rockets star returned fire with "nobody wants to see fouls either, goddammit!"

Neither side is particularly wrong in this exchange, but you can make the case that Harden certainly benefits from his ability to draw fouls while there's not much benefit in a fan having to watch a game that's constantly slowed down with whistles and trips to the line. 

But if you score tickets to a game against the Rockets, you have to know what you're getting yourself into -- you're going to see Harden shoot some a freebies. If you complain about that, especially in the first quarter, well you just deserve some feedback from Harden himself.

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