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Many questions swirled for NBA fans when the Nets made their blockbuster trade to acquire James Harden on Tuesday: Who, among Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Harden, gets the final shot in a game? Will the three be able to coexist in the same locker room? Can a team with multiple ball-dominant players bring on-the-court success? Are the Nets finally the more popular team among New Yorkers?

While the answer to the last question is an emphatic "no," the others have been heavily discussed in the nearly 24 hours since the trade went down. But one question that has been ignored by many in the media, including the brilliant basketball minds here at CBS Sports, is what this trade means for Landry Shamet.

Shamet, who arrived in Brooklyn from the Clippers during a three-time trade in November, is once again being forced to change his number to satisfy the whims of an incoming superstar. As has been previously reported, Harden will wear the No. 13 for the Nets, just as he did for the Rockets, the Thunder, the Arizona State Sun Devils and the California high school he attended, Artesia.

But prior to his arrival, it was Shamet who wore that number.

This is not the first time he's had to make a switch because of an incoming superstar coming to his team. When Shamet was on the Sixers in 2018, he was pushed off of the No. 23 when the team traded for Jimmy Butler midway through the season. It was obviously an amicable switch, but Butler still joked -- at least, I think he joked -- that he didn't give Shamet anything to get it.

Maybe things will be different this time around as Harden currently has a significantly more lucrative contract than Butler did at that time. That, or Shamet will eventually end up on the Warriors, choose No. 34 and then be forced to give it up when Golden State makes a blockbuster trade for Giannis Antetokounmpo