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The biggest news of the NBA season not relating to an ongoing global pandemic broke Wednesday, with reports indicating that James Harden will head to the Brooklyn Nets in exchange for a king's ransom of picks, a few players and somehow Victor Oladipo ended up being involved.

First, the details: James Harden is heading to the Brooklyn Nets to reunite with Kevin Durant and play alongside Kyrie Irving, who has been away from the team for a few weeks for "personal reasons." But this wasn't a simple Houston-Brooklyn trade as the Cavaliers and Pacers were involved as well. With that in mind, the Rockets got Victor Oladipo, Dante Exum, Rodions Kurucs, four first rounders from Brooklyn in addition to four pick swaps with the Nets. The Pacers got Caris LeVert and a second rounder, while the Cavaliers got Jarrett Allen and Taurean Prince.

Okay, now you can take a deep breath having read all that -- no one would blame you, it's a lot of information! But while wading through the details, wondering whether the chemistry of the Nets will remain stable through the end of the season, and asking if the Rockets are still a good team after this trade, check out some of the best tweets made in response to this whole shebang. Some were optimistic, some were pessimistic, some just lobbed jokes at specific players and some took a random shot at Dante Exum, starting with shock from around the NBA.

Fans took a funnier approach to the trade.