JaVale McGee agrees to pay $26K in lawsuit involving his unauthorized cat

There have been a lot of nice words written about JaVale McGee lately, as he turned in a very solid season with the Golden State Warriors, and has had some impressive nights during the Dubs' run through the Western Conference. He is still JaVale McGee, however, and as such it's time for some wacky words to be written about him.

According to a new report from Deadspin, McGee is being sued by his former landlord in Texas, from when he played for the Dallas Mavericks. It's pretty typical landlord complaints, including the claim that McGee owed unpaid rent money. The most interesting item of note, however, is that McGee had an unauthorized cat in the apartment -- a quite interesting looking hairless cat at that. Via Deadspin:

According to court documents obtained by Deadspin, McGee was sued last November by the landlord he rented an apartment from in Dallas for a number of alleged violations. The lawsuit, which was filed on Nov. 1, 2016, and can be found in full below, claimed that McGee rented an apartment from Matthew T. Johnson in the Highland Park neighborhood from September 2015 to September 2016. Johnson alleges that McGee caused severe damage to the property that prevented him from renting it out for two months, owed money in late rent fees, failed to pay rent for the last half of the month of September 2016, and kept a cat for 178 days, despite the lease agreement specifically forbidding pets.

Seriously, look at this cat. You remember the cartoon Pinky and the Brain? This cat looks like he'd be scheming with Brain to take over the world. 

Game day ... you already kno who I'm rooting for! @pierre_mcgee

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Anyway, McGee fessed up to everything, and it's going to run him a cool $26K.

All in all, he agreed to pay for all the late and unpaid rent he owed, $12,000 in repairs, as well as $9,350 in cat-related fees. Subtracting his security deposit and tacking on an extra $10,000 for legal fees that Johnson requested, McGee agreed to pay $26,000. He submitted a petition to confess judgment yesterday.

McGee is making almost $1.5M this year, so I doubt this is going to put much of a dent in his pocket. Still, not a great look for the big man. 

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