Once upon a time Jayson Tatum was only 19 years old. He may no longer be a teenager, but he certainly isn't letting early onset adulthood prevent him from unequivocally ruining youths on the basketball court.

Tatum has put on an absolute clinic in flexing on young basketball players this summer. He has made a habit of establishing dominance over kids who attend his camps, almost to the point where you wonder if he only holds those camps just to methodically tear down his students. 

In July, Tatum and Kyrie Irving teamed up to demoralize helpless children. It was difficult to watch. You could see the barely developed souls of tiny humans leaving their bodies as they were effortlessly torched by their heroes.

But the most ruthless example of Tatum's destruction this summer came this week when he unleashed a brutal crossover on a poor, poor camper who never stood a chance. Other children whooped and hollered as the young lad was send crashing to the floor in a heap of crushed dreams. Tatum paused for a second to reconsider his life choices, wondering if he was leading these children astray by being so tough on them. Should he show them some mercy?

That thought was quickly erased by the dark voice in Tatum's head that told him to dunk over the poor camper's lifeless body.

Maybe one day Jayson Tatum, former teenager, will remember where he came from.