Jeremy Lamb's insane buzzer-beater to keep Hornets' playoff dreams alive becomes talk of Twitter

The Charlotte Hornets are below .500, but Jeremy Lamb is the definition of never-say-die. With time expiring against the Raptors on Sunday and the Hornets down by two, Lamb launched an outrageous shot from beyond half court and buried it, giving Charlotte a 115-114 win and keeping them just two games back of the Miami Heat for the No. 8 seed in the East.

The ridiculous went off the glass, proving that sometimes banks stay open on Sundays -- but for a heave like this it shouldn't even matter.

After the initial reactions of complete awe and looking dumbfounded at a keyboard, Hornets fans started to get excited.

Some people noticed that Kemba Walker was less than thrilled about the shot initially.

While it's a tough way to loss, the result likely doesn't have big repercussions the Raptors. It's hard to imagine them finishing anywhere but second in the East. For the Hornets, this is a gigantic shot. When you're chasing a playoff spot, every game matters. With just nine games left in the season, they still have a chance thanks to Lamb's shot.

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