Jeremy Lin had to persuade Hornets security he plays for team

After missing the playoffs last season, the Charlotte Hornets made a few moves this offseason to upgrade their roster. One of those moves was signing Jeremy Lin, who is expected to back up Kemba Walker and be the point guard for Charlotte's second unit. Lin may not be a big name free agent like he was three years ago during the heyday of Linsanity, but he is a solid pickup for the Hornets and helps to fill hole created by Mo Williams signing with Cleveland.

There is one problem though. The security at Charlotte's Time Warner Cable Arena have apparently not been briefed about Lin joining the Hornets.

Security not believing he is an NBA player, is a frequent problem for Lin. The 2013 documentary Linsainity about Lin, actually starts with him telling a story about a similar incident.

It is pretty amazing that Lin can still go unrecognized after playing five seasons in the NBA, especially with Linsanity sweeping the nation in 2012. If the security guard had trouble recognizing him now, there is no doubt she would be even more confused by his alter ego Wayne, the world's wost trainer.

Attention NBA security guards, this is Jeremy Lin.
Attention NBA security guards, this is Jeremy Lin. (USATSI)
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