Jeremy Lin is heading back to New York to play for his former team's cross-town rival, the Brooklyn Nets.

According to The Vertical's Adrian Wojnarowski, Lin has agreed to sign a three-year, $36 million deal with the Nets. Lin also announced the news, tweeting out a photoshopped picture of him in front of the Nets' logo:

Here are three things to know about Lin heading to Brooklyn:

1. Lin will be the face of the Nets: Lin's popularity internationally and in the U.S. is undeniable and with the Nets in full rebuild mode, he will instantly become the face of the franchise. Yes, Brook Lopez is the best player on the Nets but Lin is the more popular name, easily recognizable for the casual fan. Plus with Brooklyn recently waiving Jarrett Jack, Lin will likely be the starting point guard, so he will have a major role on the Nets. Coupled with his reputation in New York, thanks to Linsanity, the Nets will surely capitalize on Lin's popularity

2. This is a reunion for Lin: New Nets coach Kenny Atkinson is not a big name coach but he has a ton of experience in the league and has always been regarded highly by his former players. Atkinson was an assistant on the Knicks during Linsanity and his relationship with Lin has clearly paid off as the Nets were able to sign him on Day 1 of free agency.

3. Lin fills a need in Brooklyn: The Nets desperately needed a point guard. Last season they relied on Jack but then he got injured so the Nets had to turn to Shane Larkin and Donald Sloan. Not the best options as your starting guard.

Which is why Lin is a definite upgrade. He is excellent at navigating through defenses and then setting up his teammates for spot up shots or on crashes to the rim. Lin also is a good pick-and-roll player and will work great in tandem with Lopez.

All in all a smart signing by Brooklyn. The Nets got a marketing star in Lin and a solid starting guard on a non-exorbitant deal to help carry them through their rebuilding phase.

Jeremy Lin is heading to Brooklyn. USATSI