Jim Boeheim: The best thing for Carmelo Anthony is to start over somewhere else

Carmelo Anthony and Jim Boeheim have a long history together. Not only did Boehem coach Anthony at Syracuse for one season, but he's also an assistant coach for Team USA which Anthony has been a part of his entire NBA career. Few coaches have spent as much time with him and gotten to know Anthony as Boeheim.

He recently chimed in on Anthony and his tumultuous situation in New York. Anthony appears ready to leave, the Knicks appear ready to let him leave, and the only team he can really go to is the Rockets. This leaves a long stalemate where everybody knows the end result -- It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. Boeheim thinks this is good for both sides and especially Anthony who could use a fresh start. Via Adam Zagoria:

"I think for Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks, the best thing is for him is to go someplace where they can start over," Boeheim said. "[The Knicks] need to start over. They have young guys and it would be best for him to get with veteran guys and he's still got two or three great years left. They can't win in New York for two years, three years." 

"The Rockets would be great," Boeheim said. "They got two point guards [Chris Paul and James Harden]. He could play like he played on the Olympic team, spot up, make shots. Everybody criticizes New York because he goes one-on-one, well in the triangle if you get the ball with eight seconds to go, you got no other option except to go one-on-one."There he'll be spotting up, it will be like it was for the Olympic team, much easier for him. I think it will just work better for both teams, I hope it does."

Boeheim isn't wrong that Anthony needs a fresh start and at this point it really might be best for both sides if he ends up in Houston. The Olympic comparison is interesting, because that's the style where Anthony has always played his best basketball and what everybody wants to see from him if he's on the Rockets. It will be interesting to see if he buys into that style and takes a new step in his career away from being the No. 1 option. 

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