Jimmy Butler explains himself to get back on Gabrielle Union-Dwyane Wade's BBQ list

The internet had a bit of fun at the expense of Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade on Monday, and because of it, the guest list for a BBQ may forever be altered.

During the Chicago Bulls' 113-82 victory over the Detroit Pistons, cameras caught Butler talking with someone in the crowd and then pointing to Wade. Since memes rule supreme on the internet, the moment was captured on Vine and shared with the humorous caption, "When Your Trying To Hook Up Your Boy With Girls At The Club."

It does look like Butler could possibly be talking to a female in the crowd, so the caption fits. However the caption was no laughing matter for Wade's wife, Gabrielle Union. She retweeted the video and declared that Butler was crossed "off the BBQ list" for forgetting that Wade is a happily married man.

Perhaps wanting to get re-invited to the Union-Wade BBQ, Butler took to Instagram to explain himself, saying that he was talking with player development coach Chris Johnson about who should get an isolation play.

We can only hope that Butler's explanation gets him re-invited to his teammate's BBQ, but he may need to agree to do the dishes.

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