Jimmy Butler appears to be all but done with the Minnesota Timberwolves. On Wednesday, it was reported that Butler spoke to Tom Thibodeau about the direction the Timberwolves were going. The result was Butler reportedly requesting a trade to the Nets, Knicks or Clippers.

The Timberwolves just ended their 13-year playoff drought last season, so the news blindsided a lot of people. With that being said, at least one person was happy to hear the news. Andrew Wiggins' brother, Nick, replied to Shams Charania's report with a "Hallelujah" in a now-deleted show of jubilation.

Other fans weren't as thrilled. Although non-Wolves fans were more befuddled by the team choices:

A few players from Butler's preferred teams weighed in as well:

This Timberwolves' tweet from Wednesday afternoon didn't age well:

And out in Utah, Ricky Rubio, who was traded to the Jazz from the Timberwolves last year, can't believe it:

All in all, it can't be how Timberwolves fans expected their first playoff offseason in 13 years to go. They may be able to get some nice pieces for Butler, but he's not asking to go to teams with talent pools that are the cream of the crop.