The NBA's most strange and unexpected beef has already reached can't-look-away-from-it level of fascinating.

In the wake of Jimmy Butler's bombshell request to be traded away from the Minnesota Timberwolves on Wednesday, Andrew Wiggins' brother Nick responded on Twitter with a controversial (and now deleted) "Hallelujah," a response one can only assume was meant to be excitement for his brother. 

Former NBA player Stephen Jackson didn't take kindly to the response though, and he seized the opportunity to rip both Wiggins and his brother in an Instagram tirade.

The video in itself is pretty odd and features Jackson talking about the yellow brick road and seeing the wizard, but the personal nature of it -- accusing Andrew Wiggins of playing with no heart -- was enough to elicit this retort from Wiggins.

"Old dudes stay hating like he was anything special bum ass ... I keep that same energy everywhere I go," Wiggins posted on on Instagram

Jackson's video also drew a response from Wiggins' brother Nick who suggested Jackson didn't have a highlight-laden career and he only "hit catch and shoot 3s." Jackson then created another video reminding him of his championship, and posted the caption: "Have a good yr lil one. This ain't the smoke u won't. God bless. Somebody @ Lil one for me. Wish u the best."

This back-and-forth went deep into Wednesday night, with each character in this strange saga refusing to surrender the final say. Meanwhile, Butler had this to say in response to the "Hallelujah" tweet.

So it seems things in Minnesota are trending more and more towards the this is fine meme. But based off reports, this whole drama may end soon if Butler gets his wish and is traded to one of his preferred destinations