Joakim Noah didn't think Pau Gasol would join Bulls because of weather

Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah flew to Los Angeles this summer to help his team recruit free agent Pau Gasol, but he thought it was a longshot. Gasol had spent the six and a half seasons in LA, and while the Bulls offered him a chance to win, they didn't exactly offer him a perfect climate. From CSN Chicago:

"Because it’s freezing out here," Noah said when asked why he thought the Bulls wouldn't land Gasol. "I think the last time he was here it was that polar, arctic thing. The polar vortex thing going on. It’s brutal.

"So when you’re used to the beach every day, to pick the polar vortex says a lot."

"I just thought there was no way we were going to get him, but I think it just says a lot about him as a player, about his mindset," Noah said at Wednesday's training camp. "And I think he’s a huge addition to this team and to get to where we want to, everybody’s going to have to play at a high level. And it’s really exciting to have a player of his caliber here that we can learn from and a guy who’s really going to affect the game."

Gasol had plenty of reasons to choose Chicago. The Bulls gave him a three-year, $22 million-plus contract, and an opportunity to play alongside the Defensive Player of the Year in Noah, a former MVP in Derrick Rose, plus excellent role players and an elite head coach in Tom Thibodeau. This is undoubtedly a great situation, and it was probably worth sacrificing the warm weather. 

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