Joakim Noah hurt but isn't mad at Bulls for trading Luol Deng

Noah needed time to deal with Deng no longer being around. (USATSI)
Joakim Noah needed time to deal with Luol Deng no longer being around. (USATSI)

When Luol Deng was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers, Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah was silent about the deal. In fact, he hadn't talked to the media at all in the aftermath of the trade until Saturday. Deng was one of Noah's closest friends on the team and he definitely took the news of the deal hard. But he's finally ready to talk about the trade and his expectations of the Bulls' organization.

He informed everybody that he's not mad at the team for making the move; he just needed time to digest it and move on. He wants the team to still compete and has been told they aren't tanking by any means. 

I think it's hard to look at what the Bulls did in this trade and say it was made to make them a better team during this season. Perhaps it's not outright tanking by the Bulls but it's also not setting them up for a playoff run that Noah wants to make. This was a move for the future and the future usually involves racking up a few more losses in the present.

Currently, the Bulls are 17-18 and sitting in the 5-seed in the Eastern Conference. They've won five straight games with three of those coming after the Deng trade. 

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