Joel Embiid and Hassan Whiteside feud on Twitter after Sixers beat Heat

For the most part, the Philadelphia 76ers vs. Miami Heat game on Friday night had the feel of a preseason game. The matchup between Joel Embiid and Hassan Whiteside, however, did not. 

The two big men were going at it with real intensity, and it led to some entertaining moments. Embiid had a monster chasedown block on Whiteside, then the Heat center got him back by stuffing a jumper. At one point, after drawing a third foul on Whiteside in the first few minutes, Embiid gestured to the Heat bench and told them to take Whiteside out of the game because he couldn't guard him. 

As the night went on, the two continued to talk trash back and forth, both on the floor, and after the game, on social media.

First, Whiteside responded to someone who praised him for holding Embiid to 1-7 shooting, saying "the media won't show that." 

Whiteside responded to a fan who praised him after Friday's game.

He also replied to a video of Embiid gesturing to the Heat bench, calling Bleacher Report "fanboys" for not giving him credit for doing the same thing. 

Whiteside called Bleacher Report "fanboys."

To no one's surprise, Embiid was quick to reply, telling Whiteside, "Dude they had to take your ass out or you would've fouled out in 5 min. 

Fifteen minutes later, he came back for more, saying "And keep caring about stats and not your team success..... your +/- was ass @youngwhiteside #Softy." 

Sheesh. You know we're in 2017 when players are talking trash to each other on Twitter about +/- stats.

Finally, Embiid took a sideswipe at Kevin Durant, joking that he thought he was on his burner account, which, even if you aren't a fan of the big man, you have to admit that's pretty good.  

Embiid got a few jabs in at Whiteside's expense.

Whiteside eventually came back at Embiid, pointing out that he's only played 31 games, and putting "#EmbiidEclipse." 

Let's be honest, that one was a force. Gonna give that comeback a C+. Whiteside can do better. 

Whiteside came back at Embiid with a barb about his lack of games.

This is actually not the first time the two have feuded on social media. Last season, Whiteside complained about Embiid's campaign to get himself All-Star votes, which ended with Embiid actually sending a tweet voting for Whiteside that got over 14,000 retweets, which counted as votes. 

It certainly seems like they aren't exactly fond of each other, but who really knows. This could all be pretty lighthearted. Either way, it's hilarious. 

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