Joel Embiid is trying to recruit LeBron James on Twitter and it's awesome

Joel Embiid wants to get LeBron to the Sixers.  (USATSI)
Joel Embiid wants to get LeBron to the Sixers. (USATSI)

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Update: The pursuit appears to be over: 


Philadelphia 76ers No. 3 overall pick Joel Embiid is already trying to be a team player. He's recruiting free agents. So basically, Embiid is a better teammate than Derrick Rose

So who's he after?

Oh, you know. LeBron James

So I kind of like Joel Embiid now. How long will LeBron duck this question? What's this supposed King afraid of? What is he scared he'll find behind the doors of the Kingdom of Sixer? 

The good news is, LeBron James will likely play as many games for Philadelphia next season as Joel Embiid and Dario Saric. 

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