Joel Embiid: Where 'The Process,' pre-bottled Shirley Temples and branding meet

Sixers big man Joel Embiid not only is the best rookie in his class, he also may be the most entrepreneurial.

Embracing the rallying cry of Sixers' fans, Embiid has chosen "The Process" as his nickname. And while self-nicknaming usually is not ideal, "The Process" works for Embiid because he was a major part of former GM Sam Hinkie's rebuilding plan. The nickname is taking off, too. The Sixers announce Embiid as "The Process" during player introductions and he's taking steps to make the nickname a brand.

As first noted by Crossing Broad, Embiid has filed for a trademark on "The Process." Embiid has filed two requests and wants to sell rubber bracelets, children's books, pre-bottled Shirley Temple drinks, shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, sweatpants, hats and flip-flops under "The Process" label.

Embiid wants to cash in on "The Process" U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

All in all, it's a shrewd marketing move. But selling pre-bottled Shirley Temples, a nod to his drink of choice, is hilarious and smart. Especially because Embiid was rumored to have gained gained lots of weight while rehabbing and drinking too many Shirley Temples. He hilariously squashed the rumor by Instagraming a picture of his muscled frame along with the hashtag "shirleytemple"

Filing for a nickname trademark is not uncommon in the NBA. Jeremy Lin trademarked Linsanity, for instance. For us, hopefully, this means "The Process" merchandise will go on sale in time for holiday shopping.

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