John Wall sort of worries about missing the entire season

We're sick of looking at John Wall in suits. Great bow tie though. (Getty Images)

The Washington Wizards have been plodding along this season, opening up with a 3-18 record (worst in franchise history), as they wait for John Wall to eventually heal from his knee injury and return to save them. Wall has been out for months as the Wizards try to figure out how to get him back on the court with a knee injury that has been much worse than anticipated.

Worst-case scenario could be him missing the entire season, which is a scary thought.

Michael Lee of the Washington Post sat down with Wall to discuss the knee injury and the steps he's taking to get back on the court:

He mistakenly referred to the injury that has kept him sidelined since September as a “fracture” several times, but there would be much less mystery surrounding his condition had he simply suffered a clean break. In that case, he would be done for the season, no questions asked.

“I’m not thinking like that,” Wall said, when asked if it would be better for him to sit out the entire season. “Hopefully the time I’ve taken off and the shots I got and the treatment I’ve been getting is helping me get healthy so I can play basketball this season. You don’t want to miss a whole season. If it comes to it, you have to, but I’m trying not to think that far ahead.”

Well, that's kind of terrifying. I'm sure he's just speaking from a precautionary manner here. It's also mentioned in the article that he feels less pain and can do much more than he was able to do a short time ago. The injections he's receiving are Synvisc injections to his knee to take away pain in his injured knee. 

It will allow him to begin "ramping up" his basketball activities, but he still has to wait for pain and swelling to subside before he can really begin practicing with the team. There is one good sign though:

The former No. 1 overall pick said he hopes to have a better sense of what he can do by Wednesday or Thursday, but at least he was able to elevate about two inches off the ground on his jumper while shooting three-pointers with his teammates after practice.

“That must be a good sign,” Wall said, cracking a rare smile. “Before there was so much pain you couldn’t even run on it. I couldn’t stretch my leg out at one point. It’s been getting better. I just got to take my time and see where it goes from there.”

Wall's hype coming out of high school and then out of his one year at Kentucky was pretty incredible. It wasn't LeBron James levels of hype but expectations for him to take over the league and be one of the best point guards almost immediately were certainly there. And while he showed a lot of skill and production (16.3 points and 8.2 points per game in his first 135 games), he also struggled immensely with making shots (41.6 percent from the field, 23.6 percent from 3-point range).

Even though he hasn't matched the hype coming into the league, it's still obvious to see just how bad this Wizards team is without him. And now they're without his backup, A.J. Price, because of a broken right hand.

There was a lot of optimism for the Wizards coming into this season. They had rid themselves of "distractions" like JaVale McGee, Andray Blatche, and Nick Young by swapping them out over the past few months for veterans like Nene, Emeka Okafor, and Trevor Ariza. And Washington was 7-4 with Nene in the lineup to finish last season. They even finished out the year with a six-game winning streak.

For now, they have to continue to wait for slow progress to continue for Wall and his knee, and hope nothing happens to make his injury worse. We don't want him considering missing an entire season. 

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