Learning the skills, rules, techniques and best practices of the game of basketball takes years -- decades, even -- to perfect. Even the best at the sport are constantly learning from their mistakes, watching film to improve and working to get stronger in order to up their game.

New York Knicks' Julius Randle's 3-year-old son Kyden has already started his basketball career, but those skills mentioned above have not quite clicked. Kyden, wearing a No. 30 jersey like his dad, was visibly frustrated with his teammates on the court during a game this week. What superstar hasn't been there.

His teammate wasn't passing the ball, so Kyden decided to very literally take matters into his own hands.

Take a look at how it went down:

He did what he had to do.

The hilarious and adorable video shows Kyden tackling his teammate for the ball, grabbing him by the stomach and sending him to the floor. An official then blew the whistle to stop play and address the sudden introduction of football techniques on the court.

Julius Randle went up to his son to explain to him that you can't just tackle kids who don't pass you the ball. Solid advice.

Randle then shared the video to his instagram story captioning it, "my baby" with laughing emojis.

I think with a little bit more coaching, Kyden will be ready for the big leagues in no time.