Kevin Durant got caught on Twitter bashing the Thunder roster, former coach Billy Donovan and referring to himself in third person in a strange set of tweets. Rumors began swirling that Durant had a second Twitter account in which he used to defend himself. He later apologized for this and most people laughed it off as a funny moment. 

However, his former OKC teammate Enes Kanter didn't find the entire saga to be that funny. He went on CBS Radio to talk about Durant and his comments on Twitter. He defended Donovan and the Thunder, and said he finds this whole social media situation to be really sad. 

"Never," Kanter said. "He never complained about Billy, never complained about us, and he never complained about the organization. But we learned how he felt from Twitter. I'll say it again: it made the whole organization really sad. It was disrespectful." 

"You just won a championship. You were the Finals MVP," Kanter said. "I understand interacting with fans, but having a fake account and just answering back and trying to have a conversation with them and stuff, come on, man. If you're Kevin Durant, you don't do that. He is one of the top five players in the league. Come on, man. Just go do your thing. Play basketball and try to be the best. When he's doing all these little things to all those people who sit on their laptop and just writing comments – they got no life. Come on, man. You don't do that.  

It's clear that Kanter didn't find much of this to be very funny. He was, after all, a teammate of Durant's and reached the conference finals with both KD and Donovan. Seeing Durant blasting his former team just because of a Twitter argument has to be incredibly frustrating.

However, Kanter wasn't exactly someone fond of Durant before this. He's never showed open disdain for his former teammate, but the two have had a testy relationship since Durant left for Golden State.