Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: 'Dwight Howard didn’t want to do any work' with Lakers

Kareem Abdul-Jabaar has been doing plenty of interviews to promote his new book about his relationship with the late UCLA coach, John Wooden. During a Thursday stop with Lakers Nation, the conversation turned to other former Lakers big men, including the Atlanta Hawks' Dwight Howard. Abdul-Jabbar and Howard have clashed before, notably when Howard was playing in Los Angeles, and Kareem took another shot at Howard. Via Lakers Nation:

"Well, Dwight Howard didn't want to do any work," Kareem told Lakers Nation. "Andrew Bynum did not want to do a lot of work, but Andrew was kind of getting the hang of it. I don't think Andrew was that interested in playing basketball.

"Dwight Howard, I'm not going to say anything about him because I really don't understand what his thing was."

Well then. It would appear not much has changed between these two since Howard left the Lakers. 

To be fair to Howard, his one season in L.A. came right after serious back surgery. Not that Howard was without fault during his time with the Lakers, but you're never going to be quite your best self after having a five and a half inch long mass of tissue that was attached to your nerve removed from your back. 

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