Kawhi Leonard's early-game offense has looked very familiar early on. The Spurs star has been hitting fadeaway jumpers, slicing to the rim and his overall style has very much seemed Kobe Bryant-esque. That will seem like sacrilege to some, but the comparisons are sound -- that's how good Leonard has been, averaging 28 points and five rebounds per game on 50 percent shooting through the first three games.

He has been so good, in fact, that internet rumors of him possibly having worked out with Kobe Bryant over the summer popped up. On Saturday, Leonard put those rumors to rest, while keeping open the chance of a future workout.

"I didn't work out with Kobe," Leonard said. "I don't know where that came from. I wish I could have."

Perhaps the rumor stems from the All-Star break, when Leonard said Bryant offered to work out with him at some date in the future. But the meeting, Leonard insists, hasn't happened yet.

"He's retired, so I just wanted to give him some personal space," Leonard said. "Maybe next summer."

Source: Leonard hasn't worked out with Kobe -- yet - Spurs Nation.

Bryant has been away from the game since his retirement last spring, working on his $100 million venture capital fund, and spending time with his family as his wife is expecting his third daughter. He has also made trips to China to continue expanding his Nike influence there. He hasn't even been around the Lakers much to mentor their young squad, which D'Angelo Russell seems totally happy with.

Kawhi Leonard continues to impress with his strong early start. USATSI

And besides, if Leonard wants to work out with a Hall of Famer, he has one on staff, as Tim Duncan immediately joined the team and has been with them the whole way. But if Bryant and Leonard ever do get together, you can be sure that will get leaked.