The Spurs are currently waiting for Kawhi Leonard to come back from an injury he has been dealing with since last season.  A quad tendon has left Leonard sidelined for the entire season, but what's really stunning about the injury is how much it's effecting Leonard.

The expectation was that Leonard would miss a little time, but he has missed a whole month of the season with the only update being that he's making progress and will eventually return. Gregg Popovich has said the issues Leonard is facing is something he has never seen before. Considering the experience of a coach like Popovich this is surprising to hear and a little concerning.

Pop just told me he's "never" throughout his entire coaching career come across the issue that Kawhi Leonard is experiencing with his quad. He said "what's weird" is that Tony Parker has essentially the same issue, "a quad tendon, but worse," but Kawhi isn't any closer to returning than TP, who will be back "very soon" according to Pop.  

via ESPN

Tony Parker was forced to sit out the rest of last season's playoffs, which Leonard played through. The injury that eventually sidelined Leonard supposedly had nothing to do with this current one. Obviously the Spurs aren't going to release information about Leonard until they know for sure what is forcing him to sit out, but there's a feeling they aren't really sure when Leonard will actually return.

This feeling is made worse considering that Popovich has never seen something like this. Hopefully this is just something weird that eventually Leonard will come back from perfectly fine, but for now everybody will just have to guess as to when he'll be back.