After the Los Angeles Clippers' 107-101 win over the Portland Trail Blazers on Thursday, Kawhi Leonard was spotted wearing a white T-shirt with kind messages -- clearly written by children -- on it. In big letters the shirt read, "Be kind always" and surrounding that phrase were other messages of encouragement as well as drawings.

Leonard explained that he was given the shirt as a gift from a local school:

"Me and a group gave away backpacks to kids in the city of Los Angeles and Moreno Valley and one of the elementary schools basically made this for me as a thank you, so I just wore it in support," Leonard told reporters.

Other messages on the shirt included "Be kind and carry on" and students even drew a basketball and a Clippers logo on it.

Leonard, who is in his first season with the Clippers after winning the NBA championship with the Toronto Raptors, is clearly already making his mark on this city and giving back to the people in his new community. The normally quiet guy was able to make a big statement with his adorable and lovingly made shirt. You just know that Leonard giving it national exposure made the night for many of the local Los Angeles kids.

The Clippers' next game is on Monday against Leonard's former team, the Raptors, at the Staples Center.