Kendrick Perkins posts, then deletes, announcement that he's signing with Cavs

The Cleveland Cavaliers were the most active team on NBA deadline day, making a flurry of moves in hopes of correcting what has been a tumultuous season so far. One move they didn't officially make, however, is bring back center Kendrick Perkins, who is currently playing with the G-League's Canton Charge.

It's quite possible that the 33-year-old Perkins, who spent a brief stint in Cleveland in 2015, returns to the Cavs eventually, as the big man posted a photo on his Instagram Thursday announcing his return to the team. He quickly deleted the photo, but not before Spencer Davies of Basketball Insiders snagged a screenshot. 

Even though the Cavs haven't officially signed Perkins, they have two open roster spots after Thursday's deadline moves. They could head into the All-Star break with those spots open, but Perkins may very well end up snagging one of those spots. That move sounds like it could come as much for morale and locker room reasons as for basketball reasons.

Cleveland has had well-documented locker room issues this year, which is a big reason for their roster purge at the deadline. It's clear that they want to head in a different, more harmonious direction, and it appears they think Perkins could help get them there.

It's clear he's excited to help them out...maybe just a little too excited.

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