Kentucky high school basketball players suspended for hooping with Julius Randle

Lakers forward and former Kentucky basketball star Julius Randle was in Lexington filming a scene for a documentary series called "Street Ball Stories." In one of the scenes, Randle is seen playing what has been called an organized scrimmage with high school students.

The scrimmage has left multiple local high school students suspended for their season opener, because they were participating with Randle. However, what's odd about this is that the event was not a scrimmage in the traditional sense. It was more so meant to unveil a newly renovated court at the Charles Young Center. Via

Athletic directors from Frederick Douglass, Lafayette, Montgomery County, Scott County and South Laurel each self-reported violations under the KHSAA's Bylaw 9, which restricts basketball and football players from participating in organized contests of those sports outside of school from the first day of school through the school's last scheduled contest (including postseason) in those sports.

The eight players, listed below, participated in an organized event during the unveiling of a refurbished basketball court at the Charles Young Center on Sept. 10. Julius Randle, the Los Angeles Lakers star who played for the University of Kentucky, was present and filming the pilot episode of a documentary series, "Street Ball Stories."

This feels like one of those rules where it shouldn't be enforced, but the association had to make sure the rule was followed no matter the circumstances. However, because it was not a traditional scrimmage there is a gray area in the whole thing.

"Even though it was a documentary, it was kind of on a script, they said because we had a scoreboard there and referees there, even though nobody was paid or anything like that, they said it was considered a scrimmage," AAU coach Robert Hammons said. " ... It wasn't like we were trying to get ahead on something. It wasn't like we were trying to scrimmage and see if we could do something. It's something that was a community event."  

It's disappointing that an event meant to be positive for the community, hosted by Randle, has turned into a suspension for those who were participating in it. Luckily it's only their openers and they'll be able to play after that without any issues. 

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