Kevin Durant expects Westbrook to be back to start the season

Kevin Durant is wrapping up his Nike tour of Europe and in his stop in Barcelona was asked about Russell Westbrook and his return from knee surgery.

Westbrook's original timetable -- one that was never officially released by the team -- had him scheduled to be back on the floor early in October barring any setbacks, based on the standard recovery time for meniscus surgery. 

And Westbrook has appeared to remain on schedule throughout his recovery. Typical recovery time from a fully repaired torn mensicus is 4-6 months. Four months would have Westbrook back now, six months in early October. 

The reality here is that Durant was asked about Westbrook's recovery and just answered based on what he knows. The expectation from everyone is that Westbrook should be ready for training camp and the beginning of the season. 

The big question is more about what kind of Russell Westbrook he'll be. Will he play as recklessly as he did before? Will he have that same explosiveness? Or will he pick up right where he left off? 

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