Superstar forward Kevin Durant has yet to play in a game for the Brooklyn Nets, and he wasn't initially expected to suit up for Brooklyn until the 2020-21 season after he ruptured his Achilles tendon as a member of the Golden State Warriors during the 2019 NBA Finals. However, the indefinite suspension of the '19-20 season, and the fact that if the season eventually resumes the playoff will happen much later than originally scheduled, has opened up an opportunity for Durant to potentially return before next season. 

In an interview with Newshub in New Zealand, Nets general manager Sean Marks provided a status update on Durant, and in doing so, he didn't totally rule out the idea of Durant returning for the postseason should the season resume. 

"That's a $110 million question," Marks said. "In all seriousness, we've tried not to talk about his timeline a lot... He knows his body better than anybody. Our performance team and training staff have done a tremendous job getting him to this point, but I just don't know how coming out of this pandemic will affect anybody, let alone Kevin." 

The Nets would obviously love to have Durant in the lineup if the league gets back to basketball this season, but Marks emphasized the fact that the 31-year-old Durant is a long-term investment, and thus the team certainly wouldn't rush him back under any scenario. 

"When you've got enough invested in a player like Kevin, we're never going to push him to come back," Marks said. "When the timing is right, he'll be 100 percent when he gets on the court.. I can tell you this though - before the pandemic, he looked like Kevin Durant and that's a good thing."

A return from Durant would certainly provide the Nets with a big boost heading into the postseason. As things stood before the season was suspended the Nets were in the seventh seed in the East, in position to face off against the defending champion Toronto Raptors in the first round. Before Durant could even think about a return though, the NBA has to determine if it will be able to finish out the season, and logistically how they would be able to do so.