Nobody is having more fun with the All-Star Game draft than Kevin Durant. He already admitted to being LeBron James' first pick and he even had some fun on his Instagram with an old picture that was used for The Players' Tribune, when he decided to sign with the Warriors. It is of course a meme now, because the internet is a thing that exists.

Durant and the Warriors played the Timberwolves hours after the draft results were revealed. After Golden State's victory, Durant was asked about his selection to Team LeBron. He is the only Warriors player on that team. Durant had some more fun with it and referenced how he was taken second when he was drafted to the NBA.

Durant has never enjoyed being second. He once told Sports Illustrated that he was tired of it. Now he playing for the reigning NBA champs and was taken first in a draft. Everything seems to be coming up well for Durant, but who was it that passed on him again? It was some team in the Pacific Northwest right? One that has a history of passing on all-time great players.

Ouch, Trail Blazers. Why you gotta do Greg Oden like that?