Kevin Durant on beating Spurs: 'This wasn't our championship'

The Oklahoma City Thunder pulled off the improbable by beating the San Antonio Spurs in the second round of the playoffs. The Spurs were the No. 2 seed, had won 67 games in the regular season and had home court advantage, but the Thunder were able to physically overwhelm San Antonio while relying on their stars to carry them to close out the series in six games.

Defeating the Spurs, was huge for the Thunder, yet Kevin Durant wasn't celebrating after the punching a ticket to the Western Conference Finals. Well aware that their road to the Finals becomes even tougher in the next round with a matchup against the Golden State Warriors, Durant knew the Thunder had bigger fish to fry after Game 6.

"This series wasn't our championship," Durant said of the Spurs series.

Durant was being very literal with this statement, though getting past the Spurs could become a franchise-saving series victory, especially since he's set to be a free agent this summer and all reports and rumors indicate that he could leave town if he feels like he can't win a championship there. But now that the Thunder are advancing to their fourth Conference Finals in the past six years, leaving Oklahoma City may not even be a thought in Durant's mind anymore.

The Thunder still have plenty of work though if they want to win a championship. A best-of-seven series against the defending champs, awaits them in the Western Conference Finals. And the Thunder, who lost to the Warriors three times in the regular season, will have to put together another inspired performance, like they did against the Spurs, to advance to their second NBA Finals appearance in franchise history.

Durant is focused on getting to the NBA Finals. (USATSI)
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